Cybercriminals Never Sleep (And Neither Do We)

According to the latest cybersecurity industry research, market demand for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services continues to climb. In fact, experts forecast that by 2024, 40% of midsize enterprises will use MDR as their only managed security service. That might sound like a large percentage, but because of the continued escalation of cyberattacks, more and more companies are realizing the importance of hiring experts to boost their cybersecurity posture.  

These days, ordinary IT departments can’t keep up with cybercriminals, and companies require a constantly evolving strategy that is moving just as quickly as the threat landscape. Installing security software and regular updates on employees’ computers is still important, but definitely not enough.

Luckily, Avalon isn’t just a run-of-the-mill IT department.  

Four Reasons to Choose Avalon Cyber for MDR Services 

1) We handle the dirty work.

We have our own portal—KnightVision MDR—dedicated to identifying and stopping threats inside and outside your network. Our robust service is an endpoint monitoring solution that screens malicious behavior on desktop computers, laptops, virtual servers, bare metal servers and other devices, allowing our team to alert you and take immediate action to shut down a potential threat. 

2) We don’t sleep. (And we let you sleep.)

Okay, we do sleep—but our technology works around the clock. As far as we can tell, cybercriminals don’t pay attention to time zones, so we try not to either. Using our KnightVision MDR service, which monitors behavioral events 24/7/365, we’re able to triage threats and weed out any false positives. So we only alert you to actual threats, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. Or a good day’s nap. 

3) We can work with what you have.

Some clients start out thinking they can (or want to) handle cybersecurity in-house and are afraid to change their mind because they’ve already invested quite a bit up front. That money isn’t wasted! We’re self-aware enough to know that not everyone will want to use our tools, no matter how spectacular they are. We can work with you to leverage your current cybersecurity investments because improving your protection is our main priority. 

4) We’ve been around.

Sure, some of us are getting a bit older, but we’re actually referring to our extensive cybersecurity experience. Collectively, our battle-tested, court-approved team of experts has over 80 years (which is probably about two millennia in cyber years) of direct involvement in the breach/threat detection industry. Experience of this caliber can be quite expensive, so rather than hiring in-house cybersecurity experts (and purchasing the associated technology), outsource this service to Avalon Cyber and spend a fraction of the cost of salary and overhead.  

Contact an Avalon cybersecurity expert today to find out if Avalon’s KnightVision MDR services are right for you. 

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