Introducing KnightVision CAM

Just because you don’t have the budget of a Forbes 500 business, doesn’t mean you should go without a world-class cybersecurity program. That’s why the engineers at Avalon Cyber developed KnightVision CAM, our customizable, scalable – and affordable – solution to two major cybersecurity challenges: regulatory compliance and incident response.  

KnightVision CAM (which stands for “Compliance, Alerting, Monitoring”) is based on two advanced cybersecurity offerings that address the issues of compliance and protection: a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, and a Security Operations Center (SOC). A SIEM uses hardware and software to collect, aggregate, and analyze security event log data from your network, and can also be configured to provide your security team with alerts. A SOC is a team of cybersecurity experts who, by using a SIEM system and its security alerts, can respond to detected threats immediately and effectively.

Typically, the cost of the sophisticated technology of a SIEM and the human power behind a SOC prevent many small and medium businesses from implementing these options. That’s where KnightVision CAM differs. Its multi-tiered approach to multiple cybersecurity challenges is much more affordable, yet provides the same essential services as today’s big box SIEMs.

The biggest issue with typical SIEMs and SOCs

While SIEMs have been around for nearly two decades, they were prohibitively expensive (and still can be depending on the type of SIEM and the company that develops it). They were also difficult to configure and sent out so many alerts that security analysts couldn’t keep up. While they are infinitely better now, re: alerts and cost, setting them up can still be tricky.

The two main concerns associated with SOCs are: 1) the cost of setup (SIEM hardware, software, etc.) and 2) the fact that finding qualified cybersecurity personnel to hire in-house is near impossible these days. According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the industry by 2021, which means the demand for these professionals is sky-high, as are their paychecks.

How KnightVision CAM addresses these issues

Here are a few reasons why KnightVision CAM provides SMBs with a solution that helps their internal IT and security teams address the challenges of regulatory compliance and threat alerting and monitoring, more efficiently and effectively.

  • Built exclusively with opensource technology. The entire KnightVision CAM service has been architected leveraging opensource technology. (If something is “opensource,” it simply means that “thing” is publicly accessible and can be shared and modified by anyone who wants to use it.) Utilizing opensource technology typically results in a product or service being more affordable, since it doesn’t fall under expensive third-party licenses. Other benefits of using opensource technology are the transparency regarding vulnerabilities and the likelihood of creators finding and fixing bugs quickly.
  • Tiered structure. KnightVision CAM’s four-tiered structure allows more businesses access to the latest in cybersecurity protection and regulation compliance. You choose only the services you require and can customize them to fit your network needs, your business goals, and of course, your security budget.

KV CAM SIEM SOC 2021 chart

  • CAM in the Cloud. As a cloud-based SIEM, KnightVision CAM delivers many benefits. Since it’s a single-tenant environment, your data is completely isolated from other users’ data, so security is not an issue. Its scalable structure can be designed to match your organization’s needs. You’ll never have to worry about upgrades, as we take care of them for you. And there’s no hardware required, so it’s ready to use immediately, less complex, and more affordable.

  • Complete support. No matter which tier you choose, know that you will have access to our team when you need them. Whether you have a question on a Monday afternoon about your Tier 1 compliance reporting dashboard or your Tier 4 MSOC detects an intruder at 2:00 a.m., our cyber professionals are at your service.

KnightVision CAM offers your business several advantages, including cost and time savings; customizable services, dashboards, and reports to assist you with compliance and threat alerting and monitoring; and a team of cybersecurity experts to engineer your unique SIEM platform – and even monitor it 24/7/365 – to provide your company with the cyber protection it deserves.

To learn more about KnightVision CAM, contact the Avalon Cyber team to set up an online demo with one of our experts.

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