Moving On Up!

Here at Avalon, we love to see our people move up and take on new challenges.

Ryan Lemieux was recently promoted to Information Security Analyst where he will be scrutinizing and providing investigative analysis of cyber events for our clients. Ryan will be the direct point of contact for questions and concerns from Avalon Cyber’s clients and will escalate security events when identified through Avalon’s KnightVision service offering. In addition, Ryan will provide in-depth analysis of data-sets such as logs, event data, and alerts from diverse network devices and applications within client environments to identify and troubleshoot specific incidents.

Previously, Ryan was the Evidence Coordinator on the Legal – Forensics Team. He was accountable for tracking evidence and preparing data for forensic analysis and legal technology processing. He has worked heavily on making sure that our Evidence Room was in compliance with Avalon’s Client Data Retention Policy. He also helped establish day-to-day procedures to keep the evidence up to date. Ryan received an Avalon Team Recognition Award for his hard work and dedication to his position.

When we asked Ryan what he likes the most about Avalon he said, “Everyone is extremely easy to talk to, from the CEO to our interns. Not many places offer the accessibility to have conversations with executive leadership on a daily basis like we do here.”

Ryan received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in MIS.

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